Products We Buy

Products We Buy

At Tyler Gold and Bullion, we are dedicated to providing our clients with an honest and straightforward buying process. We purchase a wide range of precious metal products, ensuring our customers receive fair and competitive market value for their cherished items. Whether you have inherited coins, jewelry, or gold and silver bullion, we are here to facilitate a seamless and rewarding transaction experience.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry, with its radiant allure, has graced generations with its charm and symbolism. At Tyler Gold and Bullion, we recognize the emotional and material worth that each piece holds. Our jewelry specialists carefully evaluate the karat, weight, craftsmanship, and any accompanying gemstones to ensure you receive a fair and accurate offer. Be it a vintage family heirloom or a contemporary piece, we approach every transaction with integrity, aiming to reflect the true value of your gold jewelry in our offer.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion remains one of the most sought-after products in our portfolio. As a precious metal with enduring appeal and value, we understand its significance both as an investment and a store of wealth. Whether you have bars, rows, or coins, our expert team evaluates each item with precision, ensuring you receive an offer that reflects the current market rate and the purity of your gold. Trust in our expertise as we guide you through a smooth and transparent selling process.

Silver Bullion

Silver has a rich history as both a monetary asset and a symbol of luxury. At Tyler Gold and Bullion, we have a keen interest in silver bullion products of all forms. Our experienced appraisers assess each piece for weight, purity, and market demand to offer you a price that mirrors its true worth. From bars to rounds, we guarantee a thorough evaluation, ensuring that our customers receive a fair and rewarding payout for their silver assets.

Collectible Coins

At Tyler Gold and Bullion, we hold a profound appreciation for the art and history behind collectible coins. Every coin tells a story, and our seasoned numismatists are trained to recognize the unique value embedded in its age, rarity, condition, and design. Whether you have older coins, rare mintages, or commemorative pieces, trust that we will evaluate each with the respect and expertise it deserves. We strive to offer competitive prices that reflect both the intrinsic metal value and the collectible premium, ensuring our sellers receive the full worth of their treasured numismatics.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Elegant sterling silver flatware is more than just functional tableware; it’s a testament to craftsmanship and timeless beauty. At Tyler Gold and Bullion, we understand the value that lies within each piece and set. Whether you’re parting with heirloom sterling silverware or modern designs, our experts meticulously assess each item’s weight, purity, and design significance. We aim to provide a rewarding experience for those looking to part with their cherished sterling silver service and flatware.

Looking to Sell? We’ll Take Them All!

Looking to sell your unwanted gold jewelry, gold bullion, silver bullion, or collectible coins in Tyler, TX? Look no further than Tyler Gold & Bullion! We are here to offer you top dollar for your valuables in a fast, straightforward transaction. Discover why selling to us is your best choice for turning those unwanted items into cash.

Unmatched Value for Your Valuables

We Pay More: Don’t let your valuables collect dust when they could be earning you cash. We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates for your gold, silver jewelry, and more. We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible prices for their precious items.

Expertise You Can Trust

Highly-Trained Staff: Our team of experts brings years of experience in valuing gold and silver, ensuring you receive a fair assessment of your items. We understand the worth of your valuables and offer you the best price in a professional, upscale office environment.

A Secure and Convenient Selling Experience

Fast, Easy Cash: Selling your unwanted jewelry and collectibles has never been easier. Visit us at Tyler Gold & Bullion for a swift and straightforward process that guarantees you walk out with cash in hand. Our secure, welcoming environment ensures a comfortable experience for all our clients.

Specializing in a Wide Range of Precious Items

Gold, Silver, Collectable Coin and More: Whether it’s gold jewelry, silver bullion, or collectible coins, we are interested in purchasing a variety of precious metals and collectibles. Our specialization enables us to offer accurate evaluations and competitive cash offers for a wide array of items.

Ready to Transform Your Unwanted Items into Cash?

Visit Tyler Gold & Bullion Today: If you’re in the Tyler, TX area and looking to sell your gold jewelry, bullion, or collectibles, We are your go-to destination. Don’t let those other shops waste your time; come to us for fast, easy cash and the respect your valuables deserve. Contact us at 903-522-4149 to schedule an appointment or drop by to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. At Tyler Gold & Bullion, we’re excited to assist you in turning your unwanted items into valuable cash.